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Real Estate Acquisitions and Sales

We represent buyers and sellers in sophisticated real estate transactions, including purchases and sales of undeveloped land, residential properties, office buildings, multi-tenant apartment and condominium units, commercial strip malls, shopping centers, and other structures.  Our representation includes counsel, negotiation, agreement preparation, due diligence, financing advice, loan documentation review, providing opinion letters, and a number of other ancillary matters that are transaction-specific.

Real estate lawyers serving Bellevue, Kirkland, and Seattle.

Real estate lawyers serving Bellevue, Kirkland, and Seattle.

Purchaser Representation – Due Diligence and Financing

Once a property is identified for acquisition, two critical matters for purchasers are obtaining financing and making sure that no hidden liabilities are acquired.  We represent purchasers in seeking traditional bank financing, as well as the formation of investment funds created to acquire specific projects.

While it is not possible to identify every potential liability before a purchase, it is possible to conduct appropriate due diligence on title and other matters to minimize potential liability.  Potential unknown liabilities can also be minimized through contractual indemnities, representations, and warranties, as well as escrow and insurance. We help purchasers protect real estate investments through these and other risk minimization strategies.

Seller Representation

We help sellers prepare real estate properties for sale so that transactions can proceed smoothly.  Similar to real estate purchasers, sellers wish to minimize potential post-transaction liabilities.  In representing sellers, we work towards seeking a “clean exit” in real estate sales.

Efficiency in Transactions

Our attorneys often represent clients in numerous significant real estate transactions each year, and collectively have decades of real estate transaction experience in the Washington and other states where our clients own properties.

Over the course of hundreds of transactions, we have developed significant processes that help to increase transaction efficiencies, and to minimize the occurrence of unexpected deal-breakers from arising mid-transaction to the extent possible. We have also developed efficiencies and processes for agreement preparation, due diligence, and transaction implementation, which helps to reduce transaction costs.

We understand that in real estate transaction, our clients not only expect experienced real estate counsel who know how to get a transaction accomplished, but also lawyers who can efficiently staff transactions with the right team so that legal costs can be optimized.   With a highly-experienced team of lawyers, paralegals, and staff, we develop the right team for every transaction.

Practice Team Leaders – John Sherwood, Jr. and David Johnston

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