The Wrong Help Can Hurt

The Wrong Help Can Hurt

Inaccurate Immigration Advice & Harm

We cannot emphasize strongly enough how important it is to get an attorney who is experienced specifically with immigration cases.  Just a few examples include:

Immigration law is incredibly complicated, and to have people hurt for such basic reasons as those above, is just not OK.  As USCIS itself stated on its website, “the wrong help can hurt.”  You must be careful in whom you place your trust. We take that responsibility very seriously.

This is general information and does not constitute legal advice; each case must be analyzed independently. Nothing here creates an attorney/client relationship; each potential client must set up an appointment for proper analysis, and written agreement if after a full analysis we both agree in writing that we accept to represent the case and you also agree that you want us to represent your case as detailed specifically in the written contract.

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