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Insights on Estate Tax Changes and Estate Planning

The topic of estate taxes has garnered a lot of attention lately, especially as we approach a new presidential election.  In addition to the Biden administration’s many estate tax proposals, one of the main topics of discussion is the potential sunset of the current federal estate tax exemption beginning in 2026.  Many people are concerned about how these changes will affect their own estate planning.

I recently had the opportunity to discuss the upcoming changes in estate tax planning with two knowledgeable colleagues, Melanie Abigania, a Principal at Sweeney Conrad, and Ben Johnson, a Principal at Highland Private Wealth Management.  The three of us sat down with the Puget Sound Business Journal to discuss the changes that are on the table, how these changes may affect you, and what planning opportunities these changes present. Read the article in its entirety here: Wealth Management: Insights on Estate Tax Changes & Estate Planning

As always, we are here to help you navigate these uncertain areas and guide you in your own estate planning. You can reach me at and at 425.990.4016.

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