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Waypoint Aeronautical’ s COVID Sanitizing Technology

Waypoint Aeronautical logo and SpectraClean logoSince 1996, PRK Livengood has proudly represented Everett-based Waypoint Aeronautical Corporation.

Waypoint specializes in large transport aircraft serving both the private and government sectors of the aviation industry. They are experts in aeronautical engineering and design, certification and manufacturing. Founder Robert Olson, Waypoint’s CEO, is a former Boeing test pilot who started the company in 1991.

Waypoint began exploring new ways to disinfect airplane interiors over a year ago. It came about through a request by the flight attendants’ union seeking to find better ways to improve the air quality on planes.  It therefore was fortuitous that Waypoint was working on this shortly before the unprecedented global pandemic hit.

Airplane flying against blue sky

Together with a national lighting and electronics manufacturer, Waypoint has successfully   designed and developed a unique two-pronged ultraviolet de-germing system for use throughout the interior of airplanes, as well as trains and buses.  They are now actively taking installation orders.

Standard blue LED light (405nm) is typically safe for humans and can be used while passengers are on board a transport vehicle. However, the second and more powerful LED UV light (280nm) that Waypoint uses in their system, is strong enough to kill germs and disable the COVID-19 virus but is also harmful to humans.  Application of the disinfectant is a simple process. When the plane is empty, the system is activated by the flip of a switch controlled by a ground crew mechanic.  This combination of the two UV light sources permanently kills germs on metal, plastic panels, seat cushions and other materials.

There are at least 30 other companies making UV disinfectant systems, yet Waypoint has a unique advantage.  Unlike the others, which need to continuously be reapplied by robots or workers in protective gear, Waypoint’s system is permanent – one application and the job is done.

Use of ultraviolet (UV) light to fight germs is nothing new.  It was in 1903 that Niels Finsen won the Nobel Prize for this discovery.  Since then use of UV light has become routine for disinfecting hospitals and other public spaces.  It complements chemical disinfectants by targeting germs in proven ways; new and different UV uses continue to be discovered.

In addition to this timely COVID-19 deactivator, Waypoint’s team of highly experienced engineers have developed many other important and timely projects including the redesign of cockpit doors to meet post 9/11 security standards, and modification of airplane fuel tanks for increased safety purposes.  They also recently built an aerial spray system, for the British Maritime & Coastguard Agency, that helps dissolve oil spills in our oceans.

Waypoint consists of two companies. Waypoint Aeronautical Corp. is located in the U.S. operating under FAA jurisdiction and regulations, and Waypoint Aerotec Ltd., is located in the UK, working under EASA guidelines.  Maintaining a U.S. and European location aids project certifications and helps further guarantee products and services will be accepted worldwide.

Visit Waypoint Aeronautical Corporation for more information about the groundbreaking work this PRK Livengood client is doing. If you have specific questions about Waypoint and or the services PRKL provided, please contact Gregory L. Russell directly 425.990.4047.


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